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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Because I said so

It's been a while since I posted any new tracks even though I've been working in the studio about 20 hours each weekend.

Kurt, who played in a band with me years ago, came for a recent visit and there's a nice track with some bass and keyboard work from him around a chord progression and melody I came up with. That's still mutating after a couple of weeks.

Here's a new one I started August 25th. The title is a phrase I heard in one of the sax riffs:


Though it uses some tablas from a Laswell sample CD I hadn't really intended the bass to sound like Laswell. Somehow the processed acoustic bass ended up reminding me of him once the track started fleshing out with a dubby bass and drum groove. The sax crept in last Monday morning just as I was getting ready to park it. that led to some more horns that may end up disappearing. This mix here crops off the intro and takes it from a short 2 minute sketch to about 1:40. I'm pretty happy with it and ready to park it for a while to move on.

The result, to me, is a nice fusion of Indian percussion with a dub feeling groove and some sax and horns that flesh it out with a nice mood.

I'd like to add a little more dub effects to it and may come back and remix it along those lines to strip it down and send some echoes bouncing around more in classic dub style.

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Tom Heasley said...

Not what I expected! Was picturing a safari - in North Carolina...
Keep 'em coming.