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Saturday, April 14, 2007


This started out from a horn riff in a Miles Davis track that I liked and tried to learn how to play on piano and horns. I missed a few of the changes, but liked the general direction of it improvised heavily around the first track that improvised on some Miles chords.

I added tracks and lost a few of them along the way to this mix. The original piece goes on for about 11 minutes and has some nice other parts in it, but didn't make a very smooth transition as a whole. There's about 15 tracks and at least a dozen alternate takes of individual tracks. So it's a piece that hasn't sat still enough to say that it wont' return in some other form.

There's an alternate mix with a heavily distorted guitar/keyboard track that sends it off into another direction entirely, much more abrasively, with more a feel towards Soft Machine, perhaps, while I think of this more as an ECM style and feel. I thought the trumpet track on here sounds best without that heavy track, so depending on which way I go a few other horn tracks come or go also in various mixes.

So, I'll probably return to this and work on some more mixes, but it works pretty well for me this way. It ended up being one of the jazziest things I've done in a long time.

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