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Monday, April 30, 2007

Trial Run

Malium - Trial Run

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I'm having a hard time getting a mix of this that finds a good balance between the 70's style fusion of the electric piano riff that started this and wall of noise heavy echoed guitar brings with it. I did two takes on the guitar and thought I screwed them both up, but then decided it works ok with them mixed. They sound like they're ricocheting around in slow motion to me, especially compared to the fairly frenetic feel of the groove.

The core to this was one of the first sessions I had trying to learn Ableton Live to use for pattern shifting so I could get a littler tighter construction and ABC style sequencing to build a more formal song structure of pattern repetitions. There's some off the shelf drum, bass, and wah guitar loops mixed in, but the piano riffs I played haunted me enough to revisit this for the last few weeks to add in a moog bass and the guitar that drive over the edge. This one and another one I started around the same time could make for the roots to a 70's jazz-fusion style CD if I work in this direction a bit more.

A little marimba doubling some of the keyboard riffs got added almost as an after-thought, making it pretty dense, but also rhythmically fleshing it out a bit more melodically. It sounds a little bit too fast to me, and I'm having a hard time getting a mix that really works quite right. But this is pretty close, and I need to park it and start a new track.

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